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How to Overcome Cravings

Overcome cravings
Tempting food

Cravings when you diet are a major obstacle in the success of your weight loss efforts. Learning how to overcome your cravings could be the biggest step that you take in the control of your weight and in effective weight loss.

The biggest question is how do you overcome those annoying cravings which end up making you miserable when you are trying to lower your calorie intake.

Tips to Overcome Cravings

Do you not find it strange that almost certainly the items that you crave the most when you are dieting are the most fattening foods out.

Generally cravings are driven by the sweet tooth and are mostly items that are high in sugar content.

Finding something healthy that can reasonably substitute that item and having the will power to substitute instead of giving in will be the major deciding factor in your overcoming cravings and controlling your weight.

Think of your body and cravings as being a little child that wants something they can not have. They will throw a tantrum, scream and cry and do whatever is necessary until they get what they want. However, if you resist them and stay firm in your resolution they will soon stop their antics and accept your refusal to give in.

When your body wants something it tells you in the form of cravings (and miserable feelings). By continuously refusing to give your body what it wants (Sugar) and rather substituting with something else, your body will soon get the message and the cravings will subside.

In my own circumstance I love sweet coffee. I can easily drink 20 to 30 cups a day each with 3 teaspoons of sugar. Obviously this plays havoc with my weight and so I have to resist the temptation to indulge in cup after cup of coffee.

I have found that if I substitute my coffee with  green tea my cravings for coffee tend to miraculously disappear. By rather drinking green tea I find that I only want maybe 4 or 5 cups a day instead of the massive amounts of coffee that my body demands when I allow it.

Sure, I still have the occasional cup of coffee but simply by disciplining my body to rather have green tea I have drastically cut my sugar intake and improved my overall health.

If you have cravings for something instead of giving in rather find a healthier alternative that you can substitute with.

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