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Get rid of Love Handles


Love Handles
Love handles

Love handles, those little rolls that tend to protrude out of the top of your jeans, are usually the first indication that you are gaining weight.

These stubborn little rolls of fat are also normally the most difficult to lose. If left unchecked your love handles will soon develop and before you know it you could have a problem with belly fat build up.

The large problem is how do you really get rid of these difficult little rolls of fat. Weight loss is normally not targeted and as a result you tend to lose everywhere else on your body but not the little spots that you had really hoped would go like your love handles.

Unfortunately to really deal with love handles you will usually need to adopt a 3 pronged approach of exercises, diet and the use of a quality fat burner diet pill. The exercises will burn calories fast and tone up muscles while the fat burner aids in appetite suppression, muscle toning and fat burning.

3 Exercises to get rid of love handles.

These exercises are highly targeted for you to quickly burn off belly fat and your love handles whilst also toning your stomach.

  1. SquatsPerform 5 sets of 10 squats at least 4 times weekly. Squats target your legs and midrif and are a great fat burning exercise to quickly burn off fat accumulation in your belly.

    Squats are also a great way to tone your legs so you benefit two-fold.

  2. BurpeesAlso do 5 sets of 10 at least 4 times a week. These exercises tend to be tiring which is a great way to know that they are really burning fat fast.

    Burpees are cardio exercises that really burn a lot of body fat.

  3. Mountain climbersMountain climbers target your core area and are also great for toning up your legs and tummy.

Follow a low calorie diet

When you are aiming at reducing your belly fat you do need to be sensible in what you eat. While you may not need to follow a strict professional diet it is wise to cut down on fat intake, avoid overeating and to eat smaller portions of food at regular intervals.

Please also ensure that you are adequately hydrated at all times as this helps to remove toxins from your body and increase weight loss results.

Use a quality fat burner

Using a fat burner diet pill like Phen375 will not only aid in burning fat faster while also reducing your appetite but will also help you to tone up as a result of the exercise routine.

Phen375 contains specially selected ingredients that will increase calorie burn off while you exercise and improve muscle toning at the same time. Tongkat ali is a well known supplement to aid toning while capsaicin increase calorie burning by as much as 12x whilst doing exercise.

Find out more about how Phen375 can aid you in your quest to get rid of love handles.

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