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How to Lose Weight Fast

Love HandlesHow you can lose weight fast so that you look absolutely stunning this summer.

Losing weight is one of the most discussed subjects and tends to be rather confusing due to all the alternatives.

First you have all your friends telling you about the great ways that they lose weight – yet none of them are exceptionally thin.

Second, when you go to Clicks, Dischem or any of the pharmacies, the choice of weight loss products is so large and tends to be a little confusing.

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How to lose weight fast!

Everyone knows the simple formula that losing weight is reducing the amount of calories that you eat and increasing the calories that you burn in exercise to force the body draw off of fat reserves for energy.

What most people do not know is the secret to doing this without having to go on a massive diet or a strenuous exercise program. Besides, I personally feel that neither of these options are very good for your long term weight control anyway.

Diets can slow your metabolism.

Dieting may reduce your calorie intake and force your body to burn fat reserves, but most people tend to skip meals and eat irregulary in diets. They also starve themselves of necessary nutrition. The combination of this leads to the body slowing down it’s metabolic rate as a compensation.

Due to the slower metabolism, as soon as you stop dieting you start to gain weight again faster than ever before. Besides, rigid dieting makes you feel miserable all the time.

Low carb high fat diets are really not good for you in the long term. They generally do a lot more harm than good.  Besides your body tends to crave carbs so the secret is to use carbs to increase your metabolic rate.

Boost your metabolism with carbs
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Exercise builds muscle.

The kind of exercise required to really cause you to lose weight is also the kind of exercise that builds muscle. In fact muscle building is the fastest way to burn fat but building muscle is often undesirable especially for women.

25 minutes of jogging burns approximately 270 calories. However this is only the equivalent of one pizza slice so in order to really lose weight through exercise you need to put in literally hours of strenuous exercise every day.

Lets’ face reality, exercise and dieting is just not everybody’s cup of tea.

The secret to fast and easy weight loss.

When you want to lose weight you want to start losing now and you don’t want to have to change your entire lifestyle to accommodate exercise routines and diets.

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