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Laxatives to lose Weight

Laxtives to lose weight
Laxatives for weight loss

An increasing amount of people are turning to the use of laxatives as a means of losing weight. However will laxatives really help you to lose weight and is it a healthy means of weight loss?

Laxatives can aid in weight loss results but in order to experience any real weight loss results from using laxatives you do need to be overdosing and abusing the laxatives (and your body).

How laxatives aid weight loss

When food is consumed it passes into your stomach where it is broken down. From there it begins a long journey through your intestines and colon where your system extracts nutrients. After this it is excreted as waste.

The longer that the journey through your intestines and colon takes the more nutrients and fats your body is able to extract from the food consumed. This does mean that people who suffer from a sluggish colon do have the potential to gain more weight from the same amount of food consumed when compared to a person with a healthy colon.

Fecal matter that lies in a colon for longer than 3 days does begin to produce toxins which literally begin to poison your system. The toxins are absorbed into your body and not only serve to slow your metabolism but they can also result in serious illness and infection of the nearby organs. It is no wonder that cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men is so rife.

Using laxatives speeds up the journey of food through your system and helps to reduce the build up of toxins. This process does lead to weight loss if practised on a continual basis.

Before you Rush out to Buy Laxatives to lose weight.

Now that you have the one side of the story that laxatives can aid you to lose weight, let me share the other side of the story with you.

The Dangers of Using Laxatives.

Laxatives abused for the purposes of weight loss will results in some very serious health problems. Before you even consider using laxatives to aid your weight loss I would like you to ask yourself if your future health is worth the risk!

Laxatives serve to irritate the colon and intestines. This causes a liquid mucus to be released into the colon and the liquefaction of the faecal content of the colon resulting in abnormal bowel movements.

During this process it is not only faecal matter that is expelled from the body but also the essential minerals that your body requires to function correctly. This is why you often feel so weak after a bout of gastro. All the essential minerals that your body requires for healthy living are expelled down the toilet.

When used continuously as is required for weight loss, your essential mineral levels in your body are decreased resulting in numerous risks including increased heart problems and blood pressure problems.

Normal skin collagen production reduces and as a result your skin begins to lose it’s lustre and elasticity and instead of looking younger you begin to prematurely form wrinkles and look older than you really are.

Like with any drug your body becomes accustomed to laxatives and so to reach the same results you do need to continually up the laxative dosage. There are cases where some people are taking in excess of 70 laxatives a day!!

Your colon may also lose the ability to perform naturally and as a result you become dependant upon laxatives for daily function.

Due to the regular loss of essential fluids in your system your body goes into survival mode and will try to preserve every drop of liquid that enters your body. This results in major water retention problems and continual swelling.

These are just a few of the many side effects as a result of abusing laxatives.

A healthier alternative to a regular colon.

To get your colon into top shape and functioning correctly is no major problem. Once your colon is functioning correctly you will benefit from increased energy, an improved metabolism and a healthier younger looking complexion.

  • Drink Sufficient WaterWater is vital to the cleansing of your body. Insufficient water will result in harder stools, constipation, a build up of toxins etc. Ideally you should try to drink 1 glass of water an hour.

    Do not substitute water for coffee, coca cola etc.

  • Fruit on an empty stomachEating some fresh fruit on an empty stomach in the morning is a great way to get a sluggish colon back into gear. Fruit releases natural hydrogen peroxide which then assists in colon function.
  • Healthy dietIn most cases a poor diet is directly responsible for a sluggish colon. Altering your diet slightly could help to drastically increase the function of your colon and your health leaving you looking years younger.

    Increase the servings of fresh vegetables and fruit while decreasing fatty foods, red meats and especially take out foods.


While laxatives may seem to be an ideal and easy solution to your weight problems the negative side effects that you will encounter are far more serious than those few extra pounds.

Learning to manage and increase your colon function naturally will not only aid you in your weight loss but will also drastically increase your health.