My Personal Phen375 Review


Before using Phen375
Before Phen375

Although Phen375 is fast becoming a worldwide best seller fat burner diet pill, there has been very little exposure of Phen375 in South Africa.

Having thoroughly researched Phen375, I decided to personally put Phen375 to the test right here in South Africa and I was going to be the guinea pig.

I decided to give Phen375 a 14 day challenge.

My Personal Phen375 Review

I am a 50 year old man from a family that has a tradition of developing belly fat. As hard as I have tried to keep my belly in control, and as hard as I have tried to reject the theory of genetic weight gain, I still had developed a fairly large belly.

I took the plunge and ordered Phen375. I must say that apart from the fact that the only method of payment offered was via credit card, the entire ordering process from the official Phen375 website was totally smooth.

I received an email from Phen375 the next day confirming that my order had already been despatched and quoting the tracking number so that I could follow the progress of the order via USPS.

The following package was shipped to you via the U.S. Postal Service:

Delivery ZIP…………01590

Shipment Date………..10 Aug

Signature Required……Yes

Confirmation Number…..CJ300765231US

It was stated that international deliveries can take 5 to 10 working days (3 to 5 days delivery in USA) and so I continued to monitor the progress via tracking on On the 28/10/2010 I was delighted to see the following results from USPS

Detailed Results:

Into Foreign Customs, October 28, , 2:07 pm, SOUTH AFRICA

Arrived Abroad, October 28, 1:58 pm, SOUTH AFRICA

International Dispatch, October 23,  2:56 am, ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)


Shipment Accepted, October 18,  3:55 pm, DALLAS, TX 75228

Electronic Shipping Info Received, October 18

Only 7 working days and the order had arrived in S.A.

I have discovered that you can phone 011 961 6000, quote your USPS tracking number and they will give you a South African tracking number. You can then track the progress of your order in S.A via

My 14 Day Phen375 Weight Loss Challenge

Phen375 diet pills
My Phen375

The Phen375 instructions show that the best weight loss results are when the tablets are combined with a sensible diet and a water consumption plan.

While I had no doubts about the effectiveness of the diet and water plan, I really wanted to put the tablet itself to the test.

Is Phen375 all it is made out to be?

Armed with a bottle of 30 tablets, less 2 that my wife tested out of curiosity, I set out to see just what effect taking only the Phen375 tablets would have on my belly fat.

I was going to only use the tablet – No Diet and No Extra Exercise

My starting weight is 87 kg which is approximately 5 Kg heavier than the 82 kg that I am happy with. I have taken a photo of my belly fat which is posted at the top of the page.

I must say that the professionalism and high quality of the Phen375 tablets is very impressive. The eye catching and safely sealed Phen375 tablets are pictured above.

Day 1

Took the morning tablet 20 minutes before eating breakfast, The morning went great but I must admit that I was full of energy but a bit light headed. I am a coffee addict and probably the stimulant effect of the Phen375 combined with too much coffee was a bit too much.

A word of warning – the tablet does start to dissolve quickly in your mouth so you must swallow fast to prevent the sharp bitter taste of the tablet staying in your mouth.

The second tablet was again 20 minutes before I ate lunch, After lunch I noticed that I was feeling a little tired. It is difficult to say whether this was due to the tablets, the excess of coffee in the morning, the other medication that I had taken to treat a bout of gout, or just due to the heavy work schedule that I usually maintain.

Day 2

Started my day at 03h00. I am usually an early starter but this is a bit earlier than normal. Took my tablets before breakfast and before lunch.

I noticed that my desire for my usual amount of coffee had decreased substantially today. I found that I had very little appetite and as a result I have not eaten very much today at all.

Although I have had lots of energy right through the day, I did not feel any of the stimulant overload side effects that I did yesterday. I have experienced no tiredness even though I started at 3.00 am I have kept working steadily throughout the day. It is now 9.00pm. I just worry if I am going to get any sleep tonight.

Day 3

My fears of the night before were totally unfounded. As my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep and woke up again at 4.00 am. It was Probably one of the best nights sleep that I have had in a long time.

This morning my wife wanted to know if I had become hyperactive suddenly. I am so full of energy and just can’t stand still. Being a Saturday there is not that much that I can get myself absorbed into to get rid of the extra energy.

In the afternoon we decided to go walk around the shopping Mall. This is usually danger time as all of our favourite treats are there – Nando’s, Schwarma, biltong, Chicken lickin etc. It is very difficult to go to the mall and not end up eating something nice and fattening.

As I said previously, part of my personal challenge was that I was not prepared to change my normal diet willingly. If I felt like something I was going to have it and carry on just like normal. The real test is to see if the tablets really work!

Well the mall was an interesting outing. It is probably the only time that we have ever been to the mall and not eaten something along the way. I was just not hungry at all.

In fact, I probably ate less the whole day than I normally would in just one meal. The appetite supressing qualities of phen375 really do work!

Results so far.


An amazing 2kg in just 3 days

4.4 Pounds of belly fat gone in just 3 days!

While I am still sitting at a total weight loss of 2 kg for the first week, I have noticed that despite not losing kg’s in the second part of the week, I have been losing some Inches off my waistline.

There has been a definite visual improvement and a strange feeling of tightening around my waist.

I am still losing weight according to the advertised weight loss of 1.5 to 2 kg per week and that is without any diet or extra exercise.

Day 14 – The big Final Day.

Before I continue and show you the results, I wish to just let you know a bit about my last 7 days.

I have been concerned about the results that I would achieve due to the fact that we have had a hectic week topped by frequent power outages that forced us to eat far more take outs than usual.

This week alone we have had Nando’s, Pizza, Hamburgers, and Chicken Licken topped with plenty of quick and easy pasta dishes – not the kind of diet recommended for losing weight.

The amazing thing that I did find was that even at Nando’s who are becoming known for their Bonsai sized meals, I was unable to finish a small quarter chicken an chips – first time ever!

In fact, of the above meals, the only meal that I did manage to finish was the chicken wing snackbox form Chicken Licken. (4 buffalo wings and about 6 potato chips).

John after 14 days on Phen375

I did not diet or do extra exercise. All I did to lose weight was use the Phen375 fat burner pills for just 14 days.

I can only imagine the results I would have achieved if I had used a calorie restrictive diet and light exercise program.

What will I miss about Phen375 the most when I stop?

1) The extra energy!

2) The reduced appetite.

Summary of my Phen375 14 day challenge.

The objective was to discover just how effective Phen375 fat burner pills would be if used without any diet or exercise program.

I used the pills for just 14 days without changing my diet or increasing exercise.

I discovered that I ate far less food than normal and had huge increases in my energy levels while experiencing no major side effects from the tablets.

I lost an incredible 4 kg in just 14 days.

Phen375 is truly an incredible fat burner diet pill that I recommend to anyone wishing to lose weight fast.

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